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Miller’s Ark Animals was established in 1991 by Elizabeth Miller B.A. Cantab, as an offshoot of her main farming business and has expanded steadily ever since, along with Miller’s Ark Charity, the charity central to the farm.

Donkeys for sale Miller's Ark Animals


Friendly, adorable donkeys at Millers Ark Animals

I bought my first miniature Mediterranean donkeys from Lady Fisher many years ago and established my herd on ‘Marklye’ bloodlines. Some years later with great excitement, I imported Little Britches from Canada and then the following year, I brought in more delightful donkeys from Marshlyn Reed of Little Ass-Pirin Acres in America. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed owning and breeding from ‘my girls’ and being a member of the MMDA (Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association).

Miller’s Miniature Donkeys are kept at Manor Farm on the Greywell estate in Hampshire along with a wide variety of other farm animals. I am a tenant farmer, specialising in rare breeds and running a mobile farm called Miller’s Ark Animals, which visits schools, nurseries and residential homes. This means that the donkeys meet lots of different people, are well socialised and are easy to load and travel. They love attention and are particularly good with children and those with special needs.

Miller’s Ark Animals/Animal Touch are based on the Earl of Malmesbury’s estate at Hook in Hampshire and the home farm specialises in breeding Irish Moiled rare breed cattle, traditional Belted Galloways, rare breed sheep, Pygmy goats. Kune Kune pigs, standard and miniature donkeys, ducks, geese, turkeys and chicken.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Elizabeth Miller

    Firstly, I hoo this finds you well. We used to love very near you and now live in Hamstead Marshall between Newbury and Kintbury. My husband, Nick, and I have 3 teenagers; girl/boy twins if 18 and an older daughter of 19. A long time back I ran a livery from home and the children have grown up with a menagerie and good at mucking out.

    My riding days are over, but I have a lot of time and love to give and this seems the right time for me to enquire what has long been a keen and delightful interest in the form of a miniature donkey. Who’ve never homed a single pet so we may yes decide an company in the form of a miniature goat/a companion that you believe is suitable. Perhaps we could purchase 2 miniature donkeys but this would im afraid be entirely price dependent. Anyway, I’ll stop waffling and warmly await your response. We have 3 paddock, one with mini stables and small barn currently full of sons Segway buggies and lawnmowers. It may make sense to purchase a 2nd hand small shelter separately?

  2. We have 5 acres of land on the IoW and seriously thinking of getting kuni kuni pigs, miniature donkeys and a shetland pony. Please can you let me know costing/advice for this, I would be very grateful.

  3. Hello Elizabeth, I am enquiring about donkeys you currently possibly have for sale. We are looking to buy two donkeys. We are a family with two young children living in West Sussex. We have stables & paddocks & would very much like to give two donkeys a loving home. Look forward to hearing from you. My number is 07947402645.

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