For Sale

Name: Swanthorpe Arianne

D.O.B 27th May 2020


Arianne born to N+D’s Lonestar Adiva Devine, a lovely natured jenny imported from America to introduce new bloodlines to our herd. Arianne has her genes and is a very gentle foal with a lovely character.

Name: Swanthorpe Percy

D.O.B 16th May 2020


Percy born to Gardners Aston Rose. He is already a cheeky chap with a very good pedigree to an American jack LN O Pips.

Name:Swanthorpe Oregano (aka Captain Tom)

D.O.B 26th April 2020


Oregano born to Swanthorpe Spice. This adorable foal has a yard name of Captain Tom and is a real character. He maybe one of the youngest foals but already is running rings around his mum….and the staff.

Name:Swanthorpe Humbug

D.O.B 17th April 2020

Humbug born to Swanthorpe Liquorice. Humbug is a mummy’s girl at the moment but can put on a sharp turn of speed out in the paddock.


Name: Swanthorpe Flora

D.O.B 29th March 2020

Flora born to Swanthorpe Fiona. Flora is a lively character and very loving foal.


Name:Swanthorpe Pasanda

D.O.B.9th February 2020

Pasanda born to Ass-pirin Acres Choctaw Sue. Pasanda is a very gentle gelding.


Name: Swanthorpe Titus

Titus born to Sawnthorpe Cinders.Titus is best friends with Friedrich.

D.O.B 20th January 2020

SOLD: Going with Friedrich to a loving home once weaned, thank you Sally

Name: Swanthorpe Friedrich

Friedrich born to Heidi. Friedrich …a mischievious little bundle.

D.O.B 1st January 2020

SOLD. Going with Titus to a loving home once weaned thank you Sally.

Name: Swanthorpe Juliet

Juliet born to Valentine. Juliet…our little cheeky Princess

D.O.B 15th June 2019

Price: SOLD

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Name: Skywalker

Skywalker born to Anika.  Fabulous dark sorrel red little guy.

D.O.B 29th April 2019

Price: SOLD




Name: Cottontail

Flopsy Bunny had Cottontail.

Price: SOLD

Cottontail 19



Name: Twinkle

Twinkle born to Swanthorpe Star… this line always has a few white hairs on their head!

D.O.B 12 April 2019

Price: SOLD

Twinkle 19


Name: Peppercorn

Peppercorn born 16th April  totally adorable and playful. He is for sale.

D.O.B 16 April 2019

Price: On application



Name: Elsa

Beautiful dark sorrel red girl

D.O.B 25 March 2019

Price: SOLD



Name: Dallas

Dallas is a real gentleman aged 21 and a donkey grey colour




Name: Emmett

Emmett is his castrated friend aged 7 and he is a red brown colour.

Price: SOLD




Best of friends and very cuddly

Price: SOLD


Two beautiful little geldings are here for sale to a special loving home. Best of friends and very cuddly.


Name: Sebastian

‘Rosalie’ had ‘Sebastian’.

Price: SOLD to go with best friend Lancelot.



Name: Bhindi

‘Choctaw’ had ‘Bhindi’

Colour: Dark coloured female

Price: SOLD to go to a lovely family for more cuddles

Bhindi Jul 18_1


Name: Lancelot

Dashing Sir Lancelot is born to Lavinia- a very naughty little boy.

Real character like his mum

Price: SOLD



Miniature Donkeys

Name: Rubik

Colour: Chocolate miniature jack.

Price: SOLD

Rubik april 17

Name: Secret

Colour: Pedigree miniature coloured jack.  Father all latest miniature foals.


Name: Olly May

Colour: Pedigree miniature

D.O.B: 2014



Name: Claudia

Colour: Pedigree coloured miniature jenny.

Sire: Double n It’s a Secret. Dam: Swanthorpe Angelina

D.O.B: 11/11/2014




Name: Diva

Colour: Pedigree miniature jenny. In foal to coloured Jack.

5 Years old



Name: Little Britches

Colour: Pedigree miniature jenny.  Foaled every other year.

Sire: Circle C Ultradarq.  Dam: Northfork’s Franny

D.O.B: 20/5/2000


Little Britches


Name: Pierre

Colour: Miniature Grey




Name: Dominique

Colour: Miniature Chocolate




Name: Butterfly

Colour: Miniature Chocolate




Name: Cinnabar’s girl, Gypsy

Colour: Miniature sorrel jenny foal




Name: Liquorice’s boy, Bassett

Colour: Miniature chocolate gelding foal.


See the our YouTube footage of Bassett scampering round the farm



Name: Belinda’s boy, Theodore

Colour: Miniature coloured gelding foal


Miniature donkey


Name: Star’s girl, Dust

Colour: Miniature chocolate jenny foal




Name: Hello Fire’s boy, Log

Colour: Miniature chocolate gelding foal


log Log 1


Name: Choctaw Sue’s boy, Poppadum

Colour: Miniature coloured gelding foal


YouTube footage of Poppadum and Mum  




Standard Donkeys

Name: Sprite 

Colour: Chocolate jenny standard donkey foal.  Seen here as a foal with mum called Cola.  Sire: Double n it’s No Secret.  Dam: Swanthorpe Cola

D.O.B: 27/08/2014


Cola and baby


Name: Maxwell


Breeders of miniature and standard donkeys in Hook, Hampshire. Maxwell is pictured here.


Name: Robert

Colour: white


Robert is the white Donkey


Name: Calypso

Colour: Young standard grey jenny



Two coloured older jennies


Name: Mocha

Colour: Coloured




Name: Opal

Colour: Standard coloured standard jenny


Opal for Sale

More coming soon so please keep checking or follow our Blog for email updates.

Our extensive breeding programme at the farm is ongoing.

For more details call Elizabeth on

07850 883440


4 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. ello please can you send me details and pictures of any donkeys you have for sale at the moment. Price ect I have 7 acres of land live in the country and I don’t mind a standard size or miniature. I have had a donkey before. Thanks maria

  2. Good morning, please could you let me know if Pasanda is still for sale? I did try your mobile yesterday but thought I’d just end up leaving a long babbled message. We already own a donkey (who will be two in June and we have had castrated) he’s a gentle boy too ,who would love a lifelong companion. Kind regards Janet Stirke.

  3. Have you any miniature donkeys forsale. Boy preferred. I have donkeys. Smallish 11hh standards. Further details if you need more
    Information. Julie

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