For Sale

Name: Peppercorn

A beautiful pair. Little Peppercorn born 16th April and his mum Spice. Peppercorn is for sale.

D.O.B 16 April 2019

Price: for more details on 07850 883440.

Name: Elsa

Beautiful dark sorrel red girl

D.O.B 25 March 2019

Price: for more details on 07850 883440.

Name: Dallas

Dallas is a real gentleman aged 21 and a donkey grey colour

Price: for more details on 07850 883440.


Name: Emmett

Emmett is his castrated friend aged 7 and he is a red brown colour.

Price: for more details on 07850 883440.


Best of friends and very cuddly

Price: for more details on 07850 883440.


Two beautiful little geldings are here for sale to a special loving home. Best of friends and very cuddly. Contact Elizabeth for more details on 07850 883440.


Name: Sebastian

Rosalie had Sebastian.

Price: SOLD to go with best friend Lancelot.


Name: Bhindi

Choctaw had Bhindi

Colour: Dark coloured female

Price: SOLD to go to a lovely family for more cuddles

Bhindi Jul 18_1

Name: Lancelot

Dashing Sir Lancelot is born to Lavinia- a very naughty little boy.  Real character like his mum

Price: SOLD



Miniature Donkeys

Name: Rubik

Colour: Chocolate miniature jack.

Price: SOLD

D.O.B: April 2017  SOLD

Rubik april 17


Name: Secret

Colour: Pedigree miniature coloured jack.  Father all latest miniature foals.

Price:  SOLD


Name: Olly May

Colour: Pedigree miniature

Price: SOLD

D.O.B: 2014

Name: Claudia

Colour: Pedigree coloured miniature jenny

Price: SOLD

D.O.B: 11/11/2014

Sire: Double n It’s a Secret.  Dam: Swanthorpe Angelina


Name: Diva

Colour: Pedigree miniature jenny. In foal to coloured Jack

Price: SOLD

5 years of age


Name: Little Britches

Colour: Pedigree miniature jenny.  Foaled every other year.

Price: SOLD

D.O.B: 20/5/2000

Sire: Circle C Ultradarq.  Dam: Northfork’s Franny

Little Britches

Name: Pierre

Colour: Miniature Grey

Price: SOLD


Name: Dominique

Colour: Miniature Chocolate

Price:  SOLD


Name: Butterfly

Colour: Miniature Chocolate

Price:  SOLD


Name: Cinnabar’s girl, Gypsy

Colour: Miniature sorrel jenny foal

Price:  SOLD


Name: Liquorice’s boy, Bassett

Colour: Miniature chocolate gelding foal.

Price: SOLD

See the our YouTube footage of Bassett scampering round the farm


Name: Belinda’s boy, Theodore

Colour: Miniature coloured gelding foal

Price: SOLD

Miniature donkey

Name: Star’s girl, Dust

Colour: Miniature chocolate jenny foal



Name: Hello Fire’s boy, Log

Colour: Miniature chocolate gelding foal

Price: SOLD

log Log 1

Name: Choctaw Sue’s boy, Poppadum

Colour: Miniature coloured gelding foal

Price: SOLD

YouTube footage of Poppadum and Mum  


Standard Donkeys

Name: Sprite 

Colour: Chocolate jenny standard donkey foal.  Seen here as a foal with mum called Cola.

Price: £500

D.O.B: 27/08/2014

Sire: Double n it’s No Secret.  Dam: Swanthorpe Cola

Cola and baby

Name: Maxwell

Price: SOLD

Breeders of miniature and standard donkeys in Hook, Hampshire. Maxwell is pictured here.

Name: Robert

Colour: white

Price:  SOLD

Robert is the white Donkey

Name: Calypso

Colour: Young standard grey jenny

Price: SOLD


Two coloured older jennies

Name: Mocha

Colour: Coloured

Price: SOLD


Name: Opal

Colour: Standard coloured standard jenny


Opal for Sale

More coming soon so please keep checking or follow our Blog for email updates.

Our extensive breeding programme at the farm is ongoing. Please call for our latest list of donkeys for sale.

Tel: 01256 767596

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